WOW, what kind of dog is that?? Its a whippet!!! Yes, that skinny, long legged dog is a whippet.. Lets learn about this dog, shall we? Whippets like to run and jump, and their body is perfect for it, perhaps thats why they do it so much? they love chasing after anything! Maybe a squirrel, maybe a rabbit? They are totally down to run! SO, what should you take away from this? Well, if you yourself are a runner, a whippet would be an excellent breed for you, as they will act as a running parter, as you log hundred of miles!!

If you live in the cold, its probably not a great idea to get a whippet, as they do not tollerate cold weather very well. In other words, they cant hang in the chill zone bruhh. However, they are not that sensitive when it comes to things becides the weather. What i mean is, if you tend to have a noisy environment for your pets, this would be a good dog for you, as they are pretty chill for the most part. If you have another dog, whippets may be a good option for you. They tend to get along with other dogs. They also dont like being alone, so if your current k9 can tolerate other dogs, the whippet might be the dog for you! They also wont get fat probably, because they like to stay skinny their entire life pretty much. Pretty healthy dogs, they stay in good shape. This breed isnt to prone to wondering all over the planet, so you shouldnt have to worry too much about this dog running off on you. However, it is still reccomended that you get to know your dog and get familiar with his/her tendencies and adapt to them in term of how you keep track of your new pet as well as take them to the vet.